Diliton Arts and Crafts Fair

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Many handmade products are available from baked goods to crocheted dolls. (Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program)

The fair introduces 60 producers and artists from Dilijan’s community, who present locally produced souvenirs, handicrafts and dishes.

Souvenirs and handicrafts sold include different branches of art and craft such as tapestry, embroidery, felt work, laces, pearl embroidery, carpet weaving and spinning. Additionally there is jewelry which is made by combining precious and semi-precious stones, silver, leather, nut shell, pottery, woodworking, stained glass and much more. We have organized master classes for you.

Dishes made of local vegetables, herbs, meat, tree mushrooms, and berries will be available. We have delicious pastry with nuts, warm kapama and harisa, pizzas made by lavash, Armenian gata and different kinds of sweets.

The fair will be full of folk dances, masterclasses for handmade items, games, competitions and of course with a big variety of local traditional dishes. The goal of the festival is to promote employment opportunities for locals by creating community-based tourism opportunities.

Event Details

15 August 2020 | Dilijan, Tavush marz

Young musicians play the traditional musical instruments.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

The fair provided fun for all ages and introduced friendly competitions for different age groups.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

The local dance group performs traditional folk dance for DiliTon festival visitors.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

This monthly fair, from May through August, is meant to provide a stable income for local producers of craft and other handmade products.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

Cartoon characters were invited to entertain the children in the kid's corner.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

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