Hike the Stunning Noravank Canyon

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When the sun shines on its cliffs, the Noravank Canyon displays an array of colors and shadows. (Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program)

If you love adventure and enjoy nature, you should try a hiking tour with the Arpa Environmental Foundation through the untouched natural beauty of Noravank Canyon within the Arpa Protected Landscape. Professional hiking guides will help you discover deep gorges, majestic mountains, historic ruins, and much more. Three easy-to-moderate hiking trails are available.

The 2.8 km Noravank trail connects the old settlement of New Amaghu - now in ruins - with the Noravank Monastery complex. The trail runs through the canyon, famous for its red rocks, endangered flora such as juniper forests, and endangered fauna such as leopards, lynx, and bears.

The 5.8 km Chukar trail starts from Khachik village, crosses the Bezoar Trail, and takes you to the Old Amaghu amid biodiversity and medieval khachkars. During the hike, you will also have the rare opportunity to see the Noravank Monastery from high above.

The 3.1 km Bezoar Trail will take you one of the highest poins of the Arpa Protected Landscape, from which you can admire the stunning scenery of the canyon and the Noravank Monastery. From a vista point on the way, you might be able to spot through binoculars some wild Bezoar Goats, known for their striking horns.

Hiking the Noravank Canyon may help you stay helathy and fit while exploring this rich ecosystem.

The canyon offers a range of activities for adventure travelers including hiking, rock climbing, and exploring.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program.

This lone hiker demonstrates the enormous size of the landscape.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

Visitors can choose from a variety of trails and sites within Gnishik Protected Area.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

On the hike, see the stunning scenery and wildlife of Vayots Dzor.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

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