The work of Vahagn Hambardzumyan at Sisian Ceramics. (Photo by Narek Harutyunyan, My Armenia Program)

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About the Artisan Initiative

My Handmade Armenia is one of the major initiatives of the My Armenia Cultural Heritage Tourism Program, funded by USAID and implemented by the Smithsonian. My Handmade Armenia supports the growth and, in some cases, revitalization of craft traditions in Armenia’s regional communities, including wood carving, stone carving, embroidery, carpet weaving, and pottery.

While creative technology skills are developing rapidly in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city, products made by hand are often relegated to the category of souvenir. My Handmade Armenia works with artisans and local partner Teryan Cultural Center to document craft traditions and provide training workshops including product design and development, marketing, costing and pricing, and technical skills—with the aim of expanding and elevating the notion of handmade craft in the market.

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