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Discover the astonishing cultural treasures of Armenia, a small country perched at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.

A small nation in the South Caucasus with a history that spans millennia, Armenia is home to the world’s oldest discovered winery and Paleolithic sites that attest to the complexity and duration of human existence. Armenian cultural heritage is part of our global history, and is alive today with technology start-ups, art galleries, music festivals, and dynamic craft traditions.

Explore Armenia’s cultural heritage through the artisans, museums, festivals, wineries, and stories curated here by the My Armenia Program. The experiences, festivals and partners featured here represent organizations and individuals who have benefited from My Armenia-led training activities and are committed to sustaining cultural heritage in Armenia. In collaboration with communities and scholars, My Armenia documents living cultural practices and links those stories with Armenia’s historic sites and jaw-dropping natural scenery. Learn how master weavers are integrating traditional motifs into modern designs, see new ways to experience Armenia’s iconic monasteries, or read about how a new generation of winemakers is experimenting with ancient wine varietals.

Discover how contemporary Armenia is a diverse and resilient cultural tapestry of tradition and innovation.

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