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A woman stands on an ornate bridge with two hanging light fixtures in the middle. Behind her tree covered mountains recede into the distance.

A visitor follows a walking tour of Dilijan, Armenia's little "Switzerland" in Tavush marz. (Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program)

Plan Your Trip

Cultural traditions in Armenia span the seasons. In the spring, hikers see the grassy hills come alive with wildflowers and home cooks forage for early greens. Festivals start to pop across the regions and in the capital. In the summer, fresh fruit ripens on the tree and vine, and people like to spend their time on Lake Sevan or high in the mountains where the air is cool.

The fall is harvest season, when wineries are busy collecting their grapes and the Areni Wine Festival culminates the wine season in Vayots Dzor. People venture into forests to enjoy beautiful autumn foliage. When the winter snows set in, it’s time for traditional comfort food, like qyalagyosh and tolma, and indoor activities such as the regional museums. At the end of the year, families across Armenia gather to join in celebratory feasts to ring in the New Year. On the sixth of January, Armenians celebrate Christmas.

You can plan your own journey by exploring the regions or choose one of the ready-made routes.

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