See one thousand and one shades at Aslamazyan Gallery

See one thousand and one shades at Aslamazyan Gallery image

A visitor presses a grape leaf into fresh clay. (Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program)

Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan were pioneering artists in Armenia during the Soviet era. The sisters are best known for their colorful and expressive still life and portrait paintings, prints, and drawings, as well as their work in ceramics that elevate the beauty of seemingly everyday objects.

Meet your guide and take a tour of the gallery to learn about the art and lives of these two incredible women. Established by the sisters themselves in 1987, the gallery houses about 620 of their original paintings, ceramics, and graphic works. On the gallery’s walls, follow the story of the sisters’ impressive career and their mission of promoting the role of female artists in Soviet Armenian society.

After the tour, under the guidance of one of our local artisans, learn about the artistic styles and techniques used by the Aslamazyan sisters. The sisters used motifs from their home in Armenia, their extensive travels, and their own creativity to create expressive works of art on everyday ceramics. Draw inspiration from the works in the Gallery or your own travels to paint a miniature ceramic plate. Visitors may also choose to learn a decoupage technique on ceramic ornaments. While painting or while trying your hand at decoupage, enjoy tea or coffee and sweets in the garden courtyard. The museum’s inner courtyard and wooden balcony are typical features of 19th-century urban architecture in Gyumri.

Of course, you can keep their work as a special souvenir, and if you are looking for more of Gyumri to take home, do not miss the gallery shop on your way out. The newly renovated shop offers souvenirs and artisan-made products inspired by the works of the Aslamazyan sisters, including jewelry, clothing, accessories, books, postcards, and more.

The museum offers guided tours in Armenian, English, and Russian upon request.

A grape leaf is pressed into fresh clay.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

An instructor shows an example to the visitors.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

Visitors can take Master classes of painting at the clay with Aslamazyan Sisters' Art colors

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

Tools and supplies provided to create a personalized keepsake.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

Hands-on demonstrations show the process of making pottery from start to finish.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

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