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Create a collage with a local artist

Create a collage with a local artist image

The creator of Artyom Yerkat standing in front of his work. (Photo by Narek Harutyunyan, My Armenia Program)

Harmony through contrast is Artyom Yerkat’s creative hallmark. Artyom uses all sorts of materials in these endeavors: wood, clay, stone, iron, linoleum, cardboard, and feathers. His art not only reduces the effects of the ubiquitous use-and-destroy culture by transforming garbage into beauty and value; it also provides tangible expressions to his visions and dreams.

Other sources of inspiration for Artyom are the old house, built in the early twentieth century, where he works; and recollections of his childhood years spent both in the rugged, wild mountains of southern Armenia; and in the waters of the Crimean Peninsula. Artyom is able to harmonize these different influences to create powerful artistic statements.

In Artyom’s master classes on collage, visitors may explore a variety of unpredictable materials in order to select their artistic themes and styles, and to interpret the diversity of life as they so choose. By finding artistic value in the materials that others deem worthless, visitors not only manifest their creativity and individuality, but also join Artyom in the environmental benefits of reuse and recycling.

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Originally an architect from Yeghegnadzor, Artyom Ghazaryan found his passion while walking in Jermuk, a mountain spa town in Vayots Dzor, in southern Armenia. A casual glance at the rubbish scattered in the street inspired Artyom to make use of what others deemed trash. The results are one-of-a-kind collages and sophisticated iron structures that explore complex artistic themes—which gave him the nickname of “Yerkat,” meaning iron. At his workshop in Yeghegnadzor, on a property shared with his grandfather’s home, Artyom teaches his son the elements of his craft and shares his knowledge and stories with visitors.

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