Make your own batik scarf at Sisian Ceramics

Make your own batik scarf at Sisian Ceramics image

A traditional design on a painted batik scarf. (Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program)

Just northwest of Sisian, on top of Ughtasar Mountain, a large petroglyph field depicts imagery of people, flora, fauna, circles, spirals, dots, and lines. These images carved onto the black-and-grey volcanic stone surrounding a large glacial lake on Ughtasar are primary sources of inspiration for the artists who founded Sisian Ceramics in 2004, Vahagn Hambardzumyan and Zara Gasparyan.

During Zara’s batik-painting workshop, she will introduce you to the rich imagery of these petroglyphs. Choose your personal favorite and design your own batik scarf. Zara will teach you the necessary skills to craft an artistic and beautiful accessory. Vahagn and Zara will also tell you about their personal journeys as artists, why they established Sisian Ceramics, and how they are sharing with many visitors their extensive knowledge of Armenian craft traditions.

In case you prefer to paint on pottery, this husband-and-wife team will teach you how to paint on a small plate or magnet, which becomes a memorable souvenir from your visit to Sisian. Weather permitting, the workshop will take place outdoors, overlooking a panoramic view of the city and mountains.

Afterwards, you may enjoy refreshments on the balcony, and take home your creations as souvenirs. In addition, many works of art at the studio are available for purchase. Vahagn and Zara offer other workshops as well. Ceramic enthusiasts can throw clay mugs on the potting wheel.

Batik scarves by Sisian Ceramics.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

Painter and pottery master Vahagn Hambardzumyan and artist Zara Gasparyan.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

The view from Sisian Ceramics studio.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

Beautiful batik scarves painted under the expertise of Vahagn and Zara.

Photo by Karen Nersisyan, My Armenia Program

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