Take an off-road jeep tour

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Use an jeep like this one to go off-road and explore the vast canyon near Noravank Monastery. (Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program)

Traveling off road in a modern UAZ jeep with the Arpa Environmental Foundation's team is a wonderful way to explore hard-to-reach places and to savor breathtaking views of the landscapes, wildlife, and historic structures of Vayots Dzor. For lovers of nature, the tour's highlight is the Arpa Protected Landscape, where professional guides and rangers will share with you their extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology, and wildlife conservation. The protected area contains an astounding 885 plant species, 47 of which are registered in the Armenian Red Book as threatened, as well as 39 mammal species and 190 bird species, many of which are nationally or globally threatened.

For lovers of history, the tour's highlights are several notable structures, including Smbataberd Fortress dating to the 5th century, Noravank Monastery dating to the 13th century, and Spitakavor Church dating to the 14th century.

The duration of the tour and the exact logistics - including starting points and ending points - are flexible, depending on the interests and schedules of the visitors. The Yeghegnazor Visitor Center provides full details about the different options, as well as the opportunity to browse for souvenirs of Vayots Dzor.

There is much to learn and enjoy through this tour's exploration of Vayots Dzor's history and natural environment.

Bezoar goats are just one of the many species that are protected after being hunted almost to extinction.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

The Arpa Protected Landscape is the result of a community-managed project aimed at protecting the ecology and wildlife of Armenia.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

An off-road jeep allows visitors to access hard-to-reach places as well as all of the famous sites of Arpa Protected Landscape.

Photo courtesy of Arpa Foundation, My Armenia Program

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