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The festival includes entertainment along with delicious food. (Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program)

Located at 1800-1900 meters above sea level, Khachik is perched atop the Vayots Dzor highlands. Every fall the village gathers for a festival to celebrate gata - the delicious Armenian dessert that makes magic out of flour, butter, and sugar. During the festival, visitors have the chance to experience gata - both by baking and eating it, while enjoying folk music and dances, participating in games and shopping in a marketplace of local arts and crafts.

The highlight of the Gata Festival? Tasting the largest gata in the world, prepared by the village bakers. The biggest gata, which gets bigger and bigger each year, is something you shouldn't miss out on.

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26 September 2019 | Khachik village, Vayots Dzor marz

Tightrope walking is a traditional Armenian art form and one of the many performances at the Gata Festival.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

Gata's unique shape comes from the tondir (underground clay oven) it is baked in while the flavor comes from its main ingredient - khoriz (flour, clarified butter, and sugar).

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

Each festival begins with the gata blessing and cutting ceremony which is accompanied by folk dance and song.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

Each gata is decorated with edible ornaments fashioned braids or designs.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

Each year, local bakers produce a gata large enough to feed all of the participants. It requires over 250 kilograms of flour and 50 eggs.

Photo by Hrant Sahakyan, My Armenia Program

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